Transitioning to a paperless compliance system. Are you ready?


So what have you been doing in managing compliance this far – manually typing checklists and reports in excel, spending hours scheduling and conducting audits and getting confused about roles and responsibilities?

If so, you are not alone and know that paper-based auditing is time-consuming, frustrating, complex, and as such, extremely cost-ineffective. So as a quality manager or an auditor what are your options and are you ready to transition to the real world?

Many organisations have created an unfair-advantage by automating and simplifying their internal compliance. These companies managed to implement and create a flexible, efficient and cost-effective solution that allows them to deal with compliance in real time, using their mobile phones and tablets, all at the same time whilst encouraging good workflow of audit-related activities, constant communication through staff accountability and role management.
But there are a few things you should know before you implement a compliance management tool to ensure that you are seamlessly transitioning to a paperless system.

Automate Compliance Checklist:

If you’re looking for a mobile solution such as iComplied, the best method to automate your compliance is by checking the following:
● Make sure your organisational culture is supportive and that it promotes growth and innovation. If it doesn’t, you’ll have trouble improving any business process, let alone moving from an old-fashioned paper-based compliance to a fully automated and stress-free compliance tool.
● Ensure your top management has an emphasis on quality improvement so that you can use your compliance software to trend impacts and sources of your auditing efforts.
● Any good compliance management tool should work in real-time i.e. instant reporting and sharing capabilities. This is important because these features are necessary for valuable bench-marking through trending, strategic decision making and strategy alignment based on valuable data obtained from audits.
While not necessary, some great bonus features of a great compliance management tools are checklist library, email notifications and document management. These have been added to iComplied to ensure that the system fully supports user in their compliance efforts.

What next?
Now that you know all the requirements, are you ready to take the next step and implement a mobile compliance solution without worrying if this decision will add value to your organisation? Wouldn’t you like to invest more of your time in strategy and decision making that you can propose based on data collected and trends in graphs and reports.

Why don’t you give us 10 minutes of your valuable time to show you a system that will suit your compliance needs. If yes, EMAIL for to book a time here for a brief demo.

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