The importance of checklists in the compliance

A checklist is one of the simplest management tools in business and life, yet it offers some of the greatest benefits; from saving time and money, to saving a life! When your check list is well-planned and thorough, using one could offer a great amount of anxiety relief and peaceful simplicity to your life in ways you never imagined.

Checklists were designed to be SMART tools for life. They’re primarily used to reduce failure by means of compensation for things in life that sometimes just happen to us as humans, such as a simple lapse in memory or attention. They also help us guarantee that we’ve achieved 100% completeness and consistency in our duties.

Checklists in the Medical Industry

It’s typically more impactful to share stories of practical ways checklists have helped others in life than to simply state that they are important to use. That’s exactly what Dr. Atul Gawande did when he wrote a book in 2009 entitled The Checklist Manifesto. His book is based upon real case studies,  of which checklists were implemented into 8 different hospitals. The results showed a 35% drop in mishaps and deaths related to surgery. That’s a fairly significant statistic, considering a life could be on the line. This just goes to show that utilizing a checklist could in fact be a matter of life or death.

Checklists in Compliance Management

No matter what your industry, there are likely a list of compliance regulations and requirements dictated by the governing regulatory forces in your field. Having a checklist to help simplify your compliance management and auditing could save you a ton of time, energy and resources in the long-run.

If your job relates to ensuring food safety, for example, a checklist could make or break your business. Non-compliance with any standard could result in a delivery of unsafe food. Such an incident could cost someone their life or health, and even impact the industry for an entire country on a grand scale.

The same principle applies for the makeup industry, architects and builders, risk management professionals, quality managers and specialists, environmental managers and specialists, OHS managers, hospitality and restaurant managers, and business planners. If just one simple compliance measure is overlooked, it could cause a world of trouble. Checklists may seem unnecessary for some, but even if one compliance shortcoming is prevented, a checklist is well worth the effort.

There’s no need to go out and purchase pens and paper.

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