Looking to automate your compliance?

Do you work for a manufacturing business and if you are wondering how you can ensure that quality compliance is not a nightmare, then this is a blog for you.

Businesses globally are accepting technology and especially cloud based systems to gain visibility on all aspects of their sales, operations and enhancing their marketing via social media. The SaaS (Software-as-a-service) or PaaS (Platform-as-a-service) based systems seem to be the future in helping reduce cost and implementing systems without the need for setup or customisation.

In the world of Quality, product safety, inspections and supplier management organisations are getting smarter and more efficient and need real time information – product recalls and shipments are managed in real time so why not the entire internal and external compliance?

An effective system provides the following benefits to organisations:

It reduces the risk of the product Recall

There is much greater risk of a product recall if your products do not satisfy the quality standards and regulations to which it is certified. The products of lower quality have a greater chance of being subjected to issues, and malfunctions due to the irregular approach to ensure quality assurance is being upheld and maintained as part of the organisational culture.

Automating compliance does not only ensure that the risk of the product recall is minimised through visibility, transparency and accountability, it also ensures that production issues are handled in a more efficient and effective manner, i.e. through automatic and instant reporting and assigning of CARs to close the loophole.


It is more proactive and strategic

It Ensures a more Strategic and Proactive approach is taken through trending and predictions. The downfall of using the excel spreadsheets to track and record data is that it is almost impossible to trend without graphs.

Real Time visibility

The product related compliance can be tracked in real time-and as such corrective actions and follow-ups can be addressed as soon as they occur. In paper based systems, follow-ups are hard to track as due to the lack of transparency, notifications and alerts those important corrections are pushed to the side, often unassigned and forgotten. Automated compliance systems are known to overcome this issue and improve traceability because they allow the quality and production staff to monitor, track and approve on all CARs and observations in order to ensure that everything has been handled to the set level of satisfaction and requirement.


A system should fit your needs, and not the other way around. It is important the system you use be simple, easy to use, your employees can easily be trained for it, and it must carry out the functionality of your needs. You do not need to invest in a system that does more than what it needs to.

If you’d like to learn more about paperless compliance for your internal auditing needs, iComplied offers an easy-to-use mobile platform at a reasonable price so that the upfront time and money needed to switch over to this new and improved method for conducting internal audits is minimal. Take control of your internal auditing and supplier audits by booking a demo, or registering for a free trial

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