Isn’t Innovation and simplicity in today’s business world a necessity?

In today’s technologically driven world, have you ever felt that you are spending more time and effort than you should on organisational tasks that seem to be more simple, seamless and efficient?

If yes, then don’t fret, you are not the only person to notice that there is a new trend in innovation: the need to automate while still preserving inherent humanity. This humanity will predispose you, while the automation will relieve you to allocate your critical thinking more strategically… where it’s needed the most, and on activities that will bring the most value. The key is not to just be efficient, but also to be effective, by providing better ROIs for every part of the business – be it manufacturing, logistics or supplier management.

In terms of Quality management, can you imagine auditors still spend 4 hours or more writing their audit reports and few more hours give or take assigning their corrective actions to clients or auditees, you can appreciate that there are automated compliance systems like iComplied – that spits out instant audit reports in real time and helps you allocate CARs in the same functionality saves you time and effort. It is daunting to even think of the cost of human resource spent on manual tasks that are not just time consuming, but also repetitive and demotivating in nature, resulting in high turnover and loss of time.

Well, there is a good news: Innovation,  according to the Merriam – Webster*, Innovation is defined “as the introduction of something new or different”. The act of innovating leads to the introduction of new ideas, devices or methods. More organisation are looking towards innovation as part of their culture, and smarter, not harder, way of working. We can’t blame them, as there numerous reasons, I will just list 5 main ones,  why innovation through automation is not just a passing trend, but a reality that is here to stay.

  1. Global competition. The need to compete with other local or domestic businesses is not the worry anymore, now that almost everyone is online, the need to go global is what we need to do to capture opportunities. Things are being purchased and delivered from all parts of the globe, and services are being delivered online through either virtual interactions or use of different web conferencing tools, like Skype or Zoom. Can your business really afford to sit back and observe and be reactive, instead of being strategically proactive?
  2. Choice, choice and more choice! The emphasis has changed, and now more than ever, if your business does not deliver the most efficient and effective products and service, clients and customers will go to those businesses who do. We all have and create our choices and customer is the king, while the innovation is the survival skill.
  3. The Generational Changes  The consumer demographic landscape is dramatically changing. The way Millennials interact, choose and purchase goods and services is through screens and essentially choices, to go for the best offering at the lowest price. The baby boomers are slowly retiring and therefore, the ability to appeal to them will not be based on, up to the same degree, on whether our business has a website, our website is mobile responsive and whether we include SEOs in our blogs., but these key innovative aspects will be imperative for getting millennials on our side,. Millennial’s will be less likely to spend 2 hours to schedule an audit, if they are aware of the existence of the tool such as iComplied where their audits can be scheduled and checklists pre-selected in less than 3 minutes… Cheers to the innovation!
  4. Innovation is the Growth driver- with unpredictable and dynamic global economy, it is almost impossible to predict the future of any industry., let alone an organisation in a turbulent and fiercely competitive global market. Innovation makes us more open to risk, challenge and  change in direction. Insanity of doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting better results is not longer acceptable reality.
  5. The need to simplify – Gone are the days, when long, complex and tedious, paper -based producers were the norm. They are not popular, and the only value that they add is to the printing company.  Organisations are placing more time and efforts into improvement of the business processes at the start, to facilitate, smoother and effortless way of doing things for times to come.

If after reading these 5 reasons, you are still not convinced in how much time, effort and financial and human resources you can save, by simply innovating, then don’t take my word for it, try  iComplied for FREE today.

Simply sign up for a demo or take a quick look on our website to see why automating and investing in cost-effective technology is the future.


*Merriam-Webster’s collegiate dictionary (10th ed.). (1999). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster Incorporated.

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