How much is your paper based compliance really costing you?

In today’s advanced world of technology and new paradigms, why is Quality Compliance still stuck in the dark ages?

  • Is it the habit, fear of the unknown or the unwillingness to change the old ways of doing things?
  • Or, is it the lack of knowledge about innovation, technology in quality management and fear of trying new technology that drives them back to pen and paper.


The main objective of innovation in this respect, is achieving the simplification of business processes through automation and reinventing of new, but streamlined ways of doing traditional things. Solving the issue is only half of the problem, but admitting that there is a gap and deficiency is the compliance procedures is the first step along with bringing transparency and accountability to the quality team.

Two main factors contributing to why paper-based (I still define excel and word as paper based) compliance is wasting all your resources and negatively impacting quality are:

  • People. Human labour costs are not only exponentially higher than implementation of computer based systems. But humans are also prone to change in moods, sleep deprivation, forgetfulness etc. The computers will never forget to send you an automatic system notification that your CAPA is due, or that your audit is pending, whereas humans can easily forget these tasks. A compliance tool such as iComplied will eradicate the issues of human sloppiness and it will work more efficiently and effectively every single time. All the human factors that are eradicated with the use of the automated compliance system can amount to the possibility that your business can fall prey to the financial and regulatory cost of non- compliance.
  • Non-compliance The financial risk of non-compliance includes faulty products, costs of additional inspections, lost production time, recalls, factory closures, fines and penalties, threat to brand and reputation, all factors that can put any company out of business . The cost of compliance on the other hand will drastically increase in the manual based system, as the number of man hours that it takes to manually complete the forms and reports is significantly higher than in the automated system like iComplied. The payment of wages for the increase in the headcount is much higher than the subscriptions based payment plan for a cost-effective system such an iComplied, where a monthly payment for one user is only $15 which is almost half of an hourly average wage. Considering that a manual report takes on average 3-5 hours to type, a feature that is automatic and instant in cloud, one can overtly see the cost savings first hand.

If you’d like to learn more about paperless compliance for your internal auditing needs, iComplied offers an easy-to-use mobile platform at a reasonable price so that the upfront time and money needed to switch over to this new and improved method for conducting internal audits is minimal. Take control of your internal auditing by booking a demo, or registering for a free trial



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