How a cloud-based software can keep the organisation compliant and audit-ready at all times?

Before we outline why you need a compliance solution, let’s start with a few questions for all of us to reflect on:

How many of us prepare for the day of the audit? How many of us feel ready and how many of us are nervous? Do we have all the documentation prepared, have we done enough to get through the audit?

If you have answered yes to any or all of them (don’t worry, you are not the only one) then why not think of a cloud based real time solution to keep on top of your compliance.

Think of it – we use Apps / platform for everyday activities and managing our information so then why do we still revert to paper-based systems (yes, I qualify word & excel as paper-based) for compliance?

During the last few years, I’ve heard many arguments against cloud-based systems such as:

  • Am very familiar with word and excel, so why should I change? So what, new systems aren’t rocket science especially if in the long run it makes life simpler. We weren’t familiar with smart phones either.
  • I can take my word and excel documents / reports anywhere I go? Really, well organisation content is your property, it is the organisation you work for. Everywhere we go, we have word / excel but is that giving you any real time value? Do we need to wait 2-3 days for you to complete reports or collate information to disperse to teams?
  • Why would I need real time information – well if you are travelling to suppliers and need access to information this is where cloud functionality is at its best.
  • It’s too hard to move everything over? It might be initially but in the long term it is worth it. We all have to deal with systems where initially we need to prepare, learn and migrate information – but think of times where things have been a breeze since implementation.
  • The terminology does not suit us? Think of what you are gaining to be flexible in your approach. A system that is low cost solution which saves you and your team time and effort and provides real time visibility might need you to be a bit flexible initially and as time progresses this will fit into your system.
  • Transparency, is it always a good thing? It is, because if you know you are doing a good job, then why would you be scared of showing what you do?

So how does an effective Cloud based compliance system help you:

Increasing productivity through a more efficient user/task workflow where collaboration and shared centralised system access is encouraged. Planning and scheduling of audits by assigning different roles to many team members encourages collaboration and communication in real time, that is effortless and automated by the system notifications alerts.

  • Reduction in overhead, as checklists when purchased separately are expensive as well as the labour overheads- sourcing and developing checklists internally is quite expensive if hours spent are translated to wages paid for that work and time spent that could have been used more wisely and strategically.
  • Updates- with laws and regulations constantly changing, you can ensure that with a cloud based compliance tool you will always be alerted and have access to the latest version of compliance checklists in the area of quality, health and safety, food safety and many more.

Risk Management – the ability to manage and close out risks in real time and avoid the delay and confusion of paper based systems can significantly aid any organisation, big or small. Furthermore, through cloud-based systems you can ensure that your data is safe and encrypted in Cloud, and the risk of data being lost and stolen such as if hardware was found to go missing, is reduced.

Mobile Solutions that are cloud based allow you to work from anywhere, by accessing your data on your SMART device in real-time, even while offline.  Any changes and edits that are applied are automatically synced and saved to your system and able to be accessed whenever you or your team members log in again.

How can iComplied can help with automate in your organisation?

Checklist –  Compliance tool that provides you with an access to a Checklist Template Library, will benefit your organisation in numerous ways, by allowing you to standardise the procedures and outcomes based on the legislative and industry requirements. iComplied provides all its users with over 150 checklists from area of OHS, Quality and Food safety amongst some, which can be customised to suit every clients need and as such providing all their users with an ultimate control over  their questionnaire management.

Complete Audit User workflow

iComplied allows you to effectively track and manage, as well as automate, your organisation’s whole audit process, from start to finish ensuring that no step is missed, including the critical requirements found during the stages of assigning different corrective actions. As in this busy, and competitive business climate, time is off the essence and it translates into loss of opportunity if not managed properly; it is important to rely on the system rather than the  manual obligation to automatically alert and notify everyone responsible, and involved in the audit process and all the follow up that comes as a result.

User Role Management

iComplied allows the Organisational Administrator to manage all their users from inside the system, and to allocate to them different user roles and locations, based on the user authority, transparency and the restrictions needed for the privacy and confidentiality of the audit data.

With the external consultant user role in iComplied, your organisation can provide a secure dashboard for all involved external, 3rd parties (auditors/consultants) so that you can communicate the data with those who really need to be in the know.

If you’d like to learn more about paperless compliance for your internal auditing needs, iComplied offers an easy-to-use mobile platform at a reasonable price so that the upfront time and money needed to switch over to this new and improved method for conducting internal audits is minimal. Take control of your internal auditing by booking a demo, or registering for a free trial and don’t ever be afraid to change and innovate, it is where the world is going and the time is now.


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