Highlights from Our Time at foodpro 2017

The iComplied team had a wonderful time earlier this month in Sydney at the FoodPro 2017 conference. In was an eventful few days of meeting new clients, liaising with existing ones, working with our partners, and getting involved with FIAL (Food Innovation Australia Ltd).

We had a wonderful time educating others on the importance of automating their food safety compliance efforts. Since manual compliance is the thing of the past, any company could be implicated with negative repercussions of noncompliance and the impeding, detrimental reduction of quality and certification credibility of its good and services from using old-school compliance methods. We offer a SaaS-based software that is more practical, simplified, and cost effective. We also offer pre-made checklists which are fully customizable, and already compliant with all internal ISO audit requirements.

Here is a word from our founder and CEO Kiran Bhagat concerning compliance issues many companies face, along with the solutions iComplied will bring.

We’ve made compliance management and checklist utilization super easy. This is all thanks to our latest compliance management app. Our compliance management technology is available for iOS and Android.



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