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Why is Auditing So Important in Assuring Food Safety?

For those who run or work in a business that handles food, you understand the importance of food safety and regulation compliance as it pertains to not only to certification and licensing of a company, but also the life or death of those who consume the products. Because food safety is such an important issue, we want to ensure that all companies who work in the production, preparation, or processing of food have the tools and information they need to ensure they are in full compliance 100% of the time. One slip in food safety compliance could cost someone their health or life, and this information spreads mistrust in the general public toward the company who sold the product, and also the entire product across companies throughout an entire country and beyond. So how does each company working with food ensure they comply with each and every food safety regulation? Through excellent auditing tools.

Auditing in Food Safety Must Change

Auditing in food safety compliance is essential in ensuring that all regulations are being complied with. Most auditing practices for major companies are severely out of date. Many rely on several different forms, stacks of paperwork, and data stored on multiple different computers and databases. This is incredibly inefficient, as it can be easy to miss something when comparing one sheet to the next, and paper can easily be lost or destroyed. It is also time consuming for companies to share audits over separate computers and databases, as it must be passed down from one employee to the next. Technology has granted all food safety compliance managers a simple solution. Auditing apps are the new wave solutions for companies who want all of their data stored on one cloud database that is instantly accessible with real-time data for all employees. This means that no one ever gets left out of the loop, and no new information will fall through the cracks.

Mobile Compliance. Simplified.

The best solution for any company who works with food, or has set regulations they must comply with, is to download a mobile compliance app. A mobile compliance app, such as iComplied, can offer all of the regulatory checklists pertinent to a company’s chosen industry. This one app will store all data, update information in real time, and automate reports and analysis to save not only time, but also money and the risks that come with conducting auditing efforts in the ways of the past. You owe it to yourself, your team, and your customers to step into the digital age with automated auditing tools.

Would you like to ensure that your company has the best tool they need to stay in compliance with all food safety regulations? We welcome you to try iComplied’s mobile compliance app on iOS or Android. You may download it now, or sign up for a free trial.

Simplify your compliance, and save your company time, money, and unnecessary frustrations associated with noncompliance and multiple sources of paperwork and data.

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