Benefits of Cloud-Based Systems

To ensure compliance and safety, companies (irrespective of their size and revenue) should implement an effective system. Traditionally before cloud computing, the capital expense associated with implementing an in-house software was substantial, however times have changed. With the SaaS (Software-as-a-System) model, and the cost is now substantially reduced; saving businesses money, time and access to real time data.

To enhance your business, and look for an effective cloud-based solution, the following traits should be taken into consideration:

Focus on systems to enhance your business

Cloud-based systems are designed to help you be more efficient and streamlined; improving to help rationalise your business processes. The focus of every business must be to focus on revenue generating activities. Non-revenue generating activities should be treated as support systems, with minimal effort required. Therefore, choosing a cloud-based system helps eliminating organizational burden to solely focus on the business.

Visibility of your activity

The key to any good system is to give you real-time data and access to information on the go. These days, most people prefer using their phones and tablets over sitting at their desks for work. Cloud-based systems offer the flexibility of accessing real-time information on the go, as well as an overview of the activities taking place.

Using reporting tools, drill downs, and analytical information adds value to your organisation, and can be done in minutes. The cloud system allows you to access information from anywhere in the world—meaning the information is always at your fingertips.


A system should fit your needs, and not the other way around. It is important the system you use be simple, easy to use, your employees can easily be trained for it, and it must carry out the functionality of your needs. You do not need to invest in a system that does more than what it needs to.

Do more with less

Cloud-based systems should be easy to use. They should also engage every employee in the organisation from top management to the casual worker (who is responsible to close the loop or sight a risk). Your system shouldn’t be a burden on the workforce! It should be simple, and it should meet the needs of your organisation.

All in all, a simple, secure, flexible, and ready to use system is what most SME’s should look at. Especially if they want to go paperless, and ensure there is data to work on.

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