Are your internal audits meeting your quality objectives?

The auditing process is a necessity and in some cases an obligatory business process undertaken by organisations who want to ensure that they are compliant, transparent and accountable at all times not just to their suppliers but also to their end customer. It is a way for businesses to ensure the utmost credibility and professionalism in these uncertain times where the emphasis on the competition and innovation is a primary driver in company growth.

Auditing in itself is not a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly, or naively. Instead, it is a carefully, planned, executed and evaluated process that can impact the whole compliance of the organisation and enforce the compliance culture. Even though that we may think that empathisers of compliance would uphold the majority of ‘professionals’, one would be surprised to discover how many organisations, even in highly regarded public health facilities still see compliance and audits as burden, and not a way to improve the current state.

For the organisations to show their best face they need to ensure that their internal functions are upholding the highest standards at all times; before they are accountable to external certification bodies, they have to be accountable to themselves. The primary way to achieve this is through conducting carefully planned internal audits. The internal audits form the greatest part of ensuring that the right corrective actions and preventative actions are raised to be transparent to 3rd party requirements.

However, knowing that CA/PA form a great part of internal audits one needs to be mindful that the there are some key steps that need to be undertaken in order to complete the audit cycle, iComplied platform ensures that each of the key steps is not just included, but also automated:

  1. Scheduling the Audit – iComplied allows all necessary information of the Audit to be recorded automatically: auditor name, site, date, signature while receiving alerts on their emails.
  2. Audit Execution – the auditor themselves will establish the audit plan where all the scopes, limitations and objectives of the internal audit will be carefully laid out and the end result will be the audit report in summary and in detail.
  3. Supervision and management- one team member will be put in charge to oversee the whole progression of the internal audit and CAR management from the start to the end. This will ensure that the project is undertaken in a timely manner, that there are ownership and accountability of all team players present at all times and that the gaps in the execution are quickly corrected and attended to.
  4. Report-  iComplied is a system that automatically generates a high detail, instant report that can efficiently and effectively allow the auditors to upload all the evidence, such as images and documents to the actual report and to automatically assign the CARs that are found during the audit. The assigning of CARs ensures that the whole CAR workflow is also being managed and attended to. Additionally, the features that automated compliance tool offers are that these comprehensive, detailed, data-rich reports can be instantly shared between relevant stakeholders and that the user role management ensures that only the authorised people are allowed visibility of the audit information, which is predetermined by the user’s registration process selected by each organisation.
  5. Verification/ Approval – Once the CARs are assigned to the chosen Owners, who proceed with editing/ closing of the same based on the agreed times, dates, locations and rules the final step is for the initiators to approve or reject. If the pending CAR is approved, that will close the loophole and show that the audit objectives have been met. If on the other hand the CAR’s is rejected, it will go back to the owner who will need to make sure that all the discussions, comments and instructions are taken on board. The process ensures complete lifecycle of internal audits and accountability at all times.

If you’d like to learn more about paperless compliance for your internal auditing needs, iComplied offers an easy-to-use mobile platform at a reasonable price so that the upfront time and money needed to switch over to this new and improved method for conducting internal audits is minimal. Take control of your internal auditing and CARs by booking a demo, or registering for a Free Trial.

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