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How to effectively and efficiently overcome your audit challenge?

There is something calming and encouraging about checklists – especially if they are enticing, easy to follow through and constructive. This is even more true if you are struggling with conducting your audits as efficiently and effectively as possible....
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Enterprise Risk Management – When not doing ‘risk’ is risky! By Ed Balfour

As businesses globalize and operate in an ever more interconnected (think social) world, consumers and stakeholders can wield great power from a keyboard! Combine this with the pace of technical innovation and disruption (cyber, fintech etc) it is no...
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How does your product recall plan stack up against the standard?

A product recall can be a “bet the company event”.  Are you confident that your incident management and product recall program can prevent a brand crisis? When was the last time you reviewed it and tested it? Unfortunately we continue to see even...
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How a cloud-based software can keep the organisation compliant and audit-ready at all times?

Before we outline why you need a compliance solution, let’s start with a few questions for all of us to reflect on: How many of us prepare for the day of the audit? How many of us feel ready and how many of us are nervous? Do we have all the documentation...
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